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  Weifang Daben Rubber & plastic technology has been the domestic and international cooperation in science and technology as the enterprise independent innovation accelerator, has top and a plurality of brand enterprises and a number of national research institutions to carry out scientific and technological cooperation. Through the introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation, as the rapid development of enterprises to win the support of a large number of technology.
  Several technical exchanges and field studies in 2005 through the landscape group cement company, the cement market prospect is good, for the expansion of production equipment overload requirements, put in storage, kiln equipment on the steel wire hoisting machine tape products is very important, issued to the company responsible for the research production, after the use of product quality are very satisfied, various to overcome the defect of the prior, we study the new technology has exceeded the design level of the original German technology, at the same time break for many years the market monopoly, we not only have the long-term use of our landscape group dozens of units of the steel wire hoisting belt, there are ( China United Cement ) headquarters in Beijing, two consecutive years of hoisting belt uniform tender, our company won the bid for. We most companies in the Ministry of science and technology 's care and the support, in the work to continue to learn from experience, adhere to innovation, people-oriented, have their own core technology, a unique business philosophy, and now owns a number of steel increase with the patent certificate, and formed its own unique corporate culture. To establish mutual trust, fundamental principles of coexistence and win-win, long-term and stable marketing network and strategic partners. So happy that everything we do can create value for customers!
  We run quickly greatly over the years the company according to the requirements of different using entities and use environment, different technical indicators of product design, according to the actual situation, solve the problem, the maximum improve the service life of the product, satisfies the customer resources allocation and efficient use of funds management, promoting independent innovation energy-saving emission reduction, the CPC Central Committee and State Council attached great importance to the repeated investment, important significance to reduce pollution. 

In 2009 joined the Beijing Ministry of science
and Technology Innovation
Established in 2006 Shanghai yuan Group
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