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Characteristics of polyester conveyor belt

Polyester conveyor belt also called EP conveyor belt, wear-resistant conveyor belts, conveyors, cement conveyor belt, with a high bulk modulus, elongation, good thermal stability, impact resistance, suitable for long distance, compared withtransportation of materials under high discretionary, high-speed conditions. Polyester conveyor belt (EP conveyor belt) is widely used in the fields of coal, mining, port, metallurgy, electric power, chemical transport of materials. Polyester conveyor belt has the following characteristics:

High strength, with a thin body, light weight
EP dipped canvas as skeleton material
3 with a soft body, into a good groove, good elasticity
Impact resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance
5. Adapt to the larger load, the rapid pace of materials and in the long-distance transport.
6 running smoothly, no deviation
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