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Transport equipment machinery manufacturing technology development status

Manufacturing industries continue to adopt advanced manufacturing technology, but compared with the industrial countries, there is still a gap on a phased overall.
Industrial countries widely used computer management, attention to the organization and management system, the production model update development, launch time production, agile manufacturing, lean production, transport machinery new management ideas such as concurrent engineering and automation technology. Of only a small number of large enterprises locally using computer-aided management, the majority of small businesses experience management is still in the stage.
Manufacturing process. Wider industrial countries using a new processing method for high-precision machining, precision machining, micromachining, micro-mechanical and micro / nanotechnology, laser processing technology, electromagnetic processing technology, superplastic processing technology and composite processing technology.
Advanced automated conveyor equipment technology trends
Globalization. The one hand, due to the increasingly fierce competition on the international and domestic market, such as machinery manufacturing, many domestic and foreign enterprises, and even high-profile businesses have lost in this ruthless competition, the collapse of some mergers.
On the other hand, the rapid development of network communication technology to promote the enterprise toward the direction of both competitive and cooperative development, and this development further intensification of the international market competition. The interaction of these two reasons, has become a driving force for development of the globalization of the manufacturing sector, the globalization manufacturing technology is based on network, network communication technology enables manufacturing of globalization can be achieved.
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