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The conveyor belt Specification for the installation of the equipment and its Precautions

The transport belt guard is divided into the side cover and the side cover two, will be easily observed in the side cover and the side of the both sides of the cover may be opened, and staff can be carried out along the aisle the daily inspection conveyor run state, if you want a belt conveyor machinery installed side cover, the design should be considered to be easily disassembled, can be modified and can not swing noise requirements;

   (1) The belt cover would hinder the maintenance or replacement of idlers, rubber bands and other parts;

   (2) If the staff needs to in wetter strong light or cold conveyor maintenance, tape shield will directly affect the quality of maintenance;

   (3) the rubber belt guard can not be used in any climate and environment of the rubber the conveyor face and material provides 100% protection;

    In addition, the movable conveyor usually applied Opencast or for dumping bulk waste useless bulk materials, such as the burning charge, dust, etc., the waste dumped not need to have a recovery unit, this storage with traditional materials different recovery unit, and general applications in the system running for some time, such as after a few weeks, tens of meters within rapid adjustment of the occasion, in this case does not require dismantling conveyor belt and in the shortest possible time completed within the belt conveyor system includes a mechanical portion, the structure part and the electrical part of the assembly is very important, the fast re-arranged functions can be achieved by using a stand-alone system with the rails, i.e. drag rail length mobile greater weight when a special device can be used to complete the move;

    Such mobile functionality requires rack conveyor has a special design with fixed conveyor frame, from the previous design experience, the following rack design principles to achieve this functionality:

   (1) The entire system is constituted by a stand-alone device or component, without setting civil foundation;

   (2) these the transport planes device or its components connected to the junction allows certain activities in the three-axis direction, in order to prevent deformation and damage to personal installation in mobile and shelving;

   (3) transport devices or components to be anti-skid function and a large area of ​​the ground contact, so that in the operation of the belt conveyor on the ground remain stationary, and to facilitate the application of drag;

   (4) the racking mechanism should be designed considering all loads of gravity, the operability of the device, the stress and strain of the moving process, uneven ground, etc. factors;

   (5) belt conveyor frame should be able to work in rough and harsh conditions, damage and replacement of the standard should be the industry has traditionally been within the acceptable limits, while the fixed belt rack part generally does not occur damage without the need for replaced.
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