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The performance and application of the conveyor belt

Sidewall Conveyor Belt is divided into large inclination corrugated sidewall conveyor belt, corrugated sidewall conveyor belt big dip corrugated sidewall conveyor belt is composed of three parts baseband, ribs, diaphragm. The wall serves to prevent the material the measured slip scattered role. Bypass the drum for easy file designed corrugated side; diaphragms supporting materials, in order to achieve the delivery of big dip, T-TC type. , Having a high strength of the connection profile edge and the crossbeam is connected to the secondary vulcanization method baseband
Sidewall Conveyor Belt main properties:
1, increasing the conveying angle (30 to 90 degrees);
2, small footprint, low investment;
3, throughput, and enhance greater heights;
4, from the horizontal to the inclined (or vertical) can be a smooth transition;
5, suitable for conveying powder, granular, small block, paste and liquid-like materials scattered easy;
6, low energy consumption, simple structure, high strength adhesive tape, long service life
Sidewall Conveyor Belt Application:
Sidewall conveyor belt is widely cited material conveyor and port, metallurgy, mining, electricity, coal, foundry, building materials, food, fertilizer and other fields. Any inclination continuous conveyor 0-90, with a transmission angle, for a wide range of small footprint, a trans-shipment point to make a variety of bulk materials, reduce investment in civil engineering, low maintenance costs, throughput characteristics
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