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Polyester conveyor belt high impact strength, good stability

Polyester conveyor belt is widely used in industry, it has many advantages compared with other transport to.

Polyester conveyor belt also called EP conveyor belt, wear-resistant conveyor belts, conveyors, cement conveyor belt, its characteristics with high bulk modulus, elongation and small, good thermal stability, impact resistance, in the long a good tool for the transport of materials in the distance, the higher discretionary, high-speed conditions. Then we take a look at its advantages compared with conveyor belt.

And ordinary cotton cord conveyor belt: Polyester conveyor belt has high strength, good elasticity, impact resistance, light weight, into a good groove, etc., it can effectively reduce transportation costs, to achieve high-speed, large span, long distance transportation .

Compared to: polyester and nylon conveyor belt conveyor belt has a small length, the unique advantages of wet strength completely reduced. This is especially important for long distance transportation and the wet working conditions.

The above information can be seen polyester conveyor belt with the other conveyor belt can not be a substitute for advantage. Polyester conveyor belt in the rapid economic development, all of a force for economic takeoff
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