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The vision of the enterprise to social responsibility combination
Do no service
Every time as performance to do
Do 0 inventory for customers
Big advantage: to prepare inventory, anxious customer anxious, once hooked, responsible in the end.
We make sense of responsibility
The person is to solve the problem
Cooperation is the complement each other
We insist on is the fundamental
To find out the potential crisis
The work ahead is in well.
Straighten out the is management
Sure others is to believe in yourself
Failing to succeed
Adversity is the weapon
With the director will be short
Face the situation
Break the normal procedure to innovation
Successful experience is the stumbling block
Put your own is innovation
Success is in front of you

Low-key is wisdom
Know more know less difficult to meet
Modesty is to respect
The ordinary is the eternal
Willing to work to achieve the goal of
Morality is the fundamental
To reduce the desire is satisfied
State determines destiny
Understanding the different horizons of different
True to be broad-minded
Wealth is a tool
Positive equals productivity
To use the actual.
Time is fair
Think to do right now.
Is a blessing
Pay attention to the interests of the whole
The most powerful and many details.
The science is also in the common basis
From the fundamental breakthrough
Win-win cooperation is essential
make no exception;act fairly to all men;extend the same treatment to all;give equal treatment to;
Thinking determines the size of
seize the opportunity
In service
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