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Resistant conveyor belt

The Uses: EP resistant conveyor belt for use in general resistant conveyor belt occasions. Material handling mainly used in metallurgy, building materials and other industries sinter, coke, cement clinker temperature higher place.
     1 heat-resistant conveyor belt is suitable for conveying materials at temperatures not exceeding 125 ° C OBJECTS;
     2 heat-resistant conveyor belt using the special structure of the material is made ​​of a special processing technology, with high strength and good dimensional stability, wide suitable for transporting a large quantity of conveying occasions;
     3 good wear resistance, suitable for conveying bulk sintered ore and other materials;
     4 into slot performance, smooth transportation;
     5 with high strength and can be used to snap connection conveyor belt;
     6 long service life, EP resistant conveyor belt service life is increased by 1 times more than ordinary heat-resistant conveyor belt of life;
     7 layers high adhesive strength, does not appear in the process of using delamination.
Its physical properties and safety performance of the following table:
Physical propertiesFull thickness tensile strength ≥ (N / mm)
Pull off Elongation% ≥
Bonding strength (N / mm)
With core fiber types
Canvas layer between the adhesive strength
Adhesion strength between the canvas and with core
Overburden thickness
Overburden thickness
≤1.6mm>1.6 mm
Cotton fiber3.53.153.15
NN cloth
PN cloth4.53.153.5
Safety performance
Conveyor upper and lower surfaces of the average surface resistance ≤ 3X108Ω
FlammabilityFull thickness with burning self-interest-bearing time ≤ 3 S
Strip the plastic cover self-interest-bearing time ≤ 5 S
Drum friction

The whole process of the roller surface temperature ≤ 325 ℃


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